Scapo live set with Slugger Punch

domenica 26 febbraio 2012

Cris "CRACKERS" >>> SCAPO Fallout remix (drop028)

OUT 14th MARCH 2012


"Scapo remix is the one here for me! It's happy yet tight breaks! Other tracks are nice, but not my style" 3/5 by Clairvo [Nynfus Corporation, MustBeat]

"Heavy stomper techniques in the Toy Quantize mix. nice!" by Hanuman Tribe

"Both remixes for me mate....epic dirty stuff! Will support" by Pale Penguin
"Has to be the Toy Quantize remix for me on this one - has some beef about it, but retains that trancey feel through it too.Thanks for sending..."by Dj Grief
"Toy quantize mix is sick" by Jimmy Mofo

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