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venerdì 12 agosto 2011

Scapo Releases on Dirty Drop

Thank You For the Drum Machine
DD Remixes” ::: drop024

Thanks for sharing it Scapo !! Full support for the release :) Great!!” by Digibox

Phat and powerfull release.....ALTERED BEATS and SCAPO's dub remix are on these!!” by Pale Penguin

Huge remixes there!! Gonna drop this on my radio show tonight!!” by Dj SK-2

"yeah boy! strong pack, funk inna trunk & rocks like hell! we pick scapos re-valved mix, and also un:cut's dirty beast!" by Hanuman Tribe

Scapo remix is a little more to my taste” by Lee Martin

I really like your 'I feel so better' thing” by Meat Katie


The Analogeeks & The Altered Beats

"The Hardknockers" ::: drop020

"Filthy badman beats! Full support" by DJ Chamber

"The Hardknockers release is simply great! Phat, heavy and ultra dirty! Likin all tracks, original and remixes but i'll go with SCAPO's ravey remix....i'll chart and play!!!" by Pale Penguin

"I would like to stick the hardknockers release into my weekly show" by Sketi

"my fav its Scapo remix,i'll play it in my next set!" by Lady Packa

"Great release, actually love all the mixes" by Bill Vega

"the ravey mix rocks my world i'll be defo spanking it round the clubs this year!" by Beat Assassins

"The label is really on the fly at the mo and was looking forward to this one. Will rinse it on Sat night radio show..." by Dj Grief (definition breaks-nsb radio)

"Cool tracks,  Just great !!!" by Digibox


Scapo (it)
Chemtrails Ep” ::: drop017

"l will support in my Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks radio) in the next weeks and also in my live sets."by Kultur (iBreaksFunk / Kultura Breakz)

"very nice power"by Owlik-resident Fm-russia

"The VIP Mix and the original are the ones for me. I haven't heard quality breaks like this in some time, so it's refreshing to hear something free of electro house basslines and leads."by Jay Kaufman

"great package for all tastes!!! SCAPO VIP remix is gorgeous and uplifting......GEON remix is wikkid also!! I'll support and play them....."by Pale Penguin (Vim)

"...possenti e ispirate sequenze, vivide e cinematiche....mescole ben avvolgenti e scure....ibridi ravey di nuova generazione. "Punk is not dead... it's evolved"by


The Analogeeks (fr)
Motherfunker ep” ::: drop015

"Loving Motherfunker!  Liking Scapo's remix" by Kickflip

Really feeling the Scapo remake – proper phat breaks – played

 it out at SEone club
 last weekend and it smashed it.Full support” by
 Jimmy Mofo
"All about that Altered Beats remix, growling bass, big hits and

 samples all the joint.
 however, as far as funky tracks go, Scapo's 
remake is very well done"by Dvnt-mantis radio
"Dirty fucka. Keep up the dirty work" by Martin Move Ya-audio

"Great stuff... nice one!" by Wavewhore
"Cool Stuff!Most of all i like the original of Dangerous Game, also

 Motherfunker is pretty
 rockin.. - together with all other mixes a nice 
spectrum of modern club music is offered ..." by Claas Reimer
"Scapo remix is my pick, nice funky breaks!" by Retroid
"I like "Motherfucker" Scapo and Altered Beats Remixes. Thats

 really good tracks for
 dancefloor. 100% support" by Detach-subtribe recs
"Groovy Breaks !! I will support the SCAPO remake in my

 Kultura Breakz show (iBreaks
 radio) in the next weeks and also in my live 
sets" by Kultur (iBreaksFunk / Kultura Breakz)
"this gonna be nice release. I like all the 3 motherfunker tunes

 especially Scapo's
 remix"by Yura-Breakbeat selecta Aplus radio show
"SCAPO's wikked remix with that EXCELLENT bass" by Pale the

 Kid-Vim recs


-guidetothe-29 <<<



Scapo (it)
Lady Crystal Ep” ::: drop014

"Original sounds pretty chunky. Also liked the ideas in the Itzokor Steampunk mix" by Kickflip

"This is sooooo gorgeous man! Cinematic phat n' darkish, erotic at the same time.......excellent stuff!!! Dario Argento is simply a god for us......" by Pale the Kid-Vim records

Lady Crystal Ouverture is pretty odd, but builds well and when she kicks in is a wicked little ditty. It's like Brasseye the remix. Awesome.” by Dvnt - Midnightminutestwo records

Scapo, produttore italiano di base a Perugia, rinfoltisce il catalogo della sua

 Dirty Drop sfoggiando

 un personale e assai riuscito nuovo progetto.

 Denominata "Lady Crystal Ouverture",

 Felicemente astratti, i passaggi dell'original version ci catturano ad un

 utilizzo efficace ed enfatico

 grazie ai sample vocali pseudo-fanciulleschi e da thrilling movie,

 accurati negli inserimenti ritmici e

 nella costruzione complessivamente elegante dell'incisione.

 by Aurelio Cianciotta – wicked

Torna alla grande  Scapo con la sua etichetta Dirty Drop con questo Ep che si dimostra tutto tranne che “lieve”  nei contenuti sonori, una traccia e due remix a dir poco inquietanti per questo Lady Crystal Ep.
La formula di base è semplice quanto efficace, Scapo continua nel suo percorso di sperimentazione sonora ricco di analogie ed influenze cinematografiche e questa volta ci delizia con una perla che attinge le proprie ondivaghe suggestioni niente meno che nel repertorio di Dario ArgentoQuesta traccia  si scaglia esattamente a metà del campo che intercorre tra horror ed erotismo, beats ben calibrati e suggestive atmosfere minacciose  ed ecco che lo Scapo tira fuori un pezzo non semplicissimo da inserire nei propri set (almeno nei miei) ma sicuramente da avere e da ascoltare più volte." by


SCAPO (it)
Walkabouting/No wrong too ::: drop001

"We can listen to all of his non-electronic influences in his last work; both the tracks are full of psichedelic vibes, they make a hit with their rock’n’roll sound!"
"le sonorità già ci sono e ci sorprende per qualità ’No Wrong Too’, incisione piuttosto solida, modulata a 133 bpm su campioni vocali estratti dalla saga di Indiana Jones" by Aurelio C.-Wicked Style


DIRTY DROP SAMPLER 1 ::: drop002

"...this track will be appreciated from all the Freeland & Evil Nine supporters" by


"Italy’s Dirty Drop Records have built a reputation for being the ones to watch when it comes to all manner of dark and twisted beats. Their latest EP, Together We Stand, showcases some the hottest talent to have previously appeared on the label">by
"Loves the very solid offering from Dirty Drop " by


Scapo (it)

"No More Lies Ep" ::: drop009

"we're definitely supporting No More Lies. Expect to hear it on forthcoming shows"
by Adam Fogarty-Breakonomics

"Cool release love the original!"by Jimmy Mofo-Mofo Recordings

"fantastico il breakdown farcito da un arpeggio di casa Rage Against the Machine, la dinamica del pezzo è decisamente (ben) giocata su un bassone molto punkie e da un chitarraccia imbastardita al punto giusto.."by


Pink a Pad’s (it)

"Mainstream ep" ::: drop010

"the Scapo remix it has a great subbassline!"by Jon Maniac-ChipSound Records/

"Rocking breaks tracks taking in a whole host of different styles and influences."by
"Un altro punto positivo per la label perugina!"by


Frost (it)

"220 Voltz" ::: drop012

"il lavoro di Frost è ben condotto, guidato da Scapo in due differenti versioni, una vocale e l'altra depurata dai vocal. Incisioni completate poi dal 'Dj Sexx Remix', ancor più 'eighties' e synthpop."by
"i suoni sono impregnati di sintetismo anni ottanta e varcano le soglie del pop a più riprese.Ci pensa Scapo a rendere il tutto più incisivo marcando sui beats, imbastardendo a dovere la track sia nella versione Vocal che dub."by
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Lady Packa (spain)

"Elektronik Pipe Ep" ::: drop013

"nice tracks, will review for you in mixmag!"by Dave Clough / Mr No Hands-Mixmag Breaks
"Think Scapo's remake is my favourite was thrown by the vocal a bit but liking the groove!"by Klickflip

"Lady Packa is considered one of the most important female DJs of Spain and here she drops a pumping breaks track that is heavy on the drums and heavy on the synths. Comes with some top remixes from Scapo, Altered Beats and Elastic Fish"by
"My fav is ELEKTRONIK PIPE_Scapo Remake & PERSONAL SHOPPER.Keep up the good work.respect"
L.uis L.eite /LAD/PORTUGAL

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